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Zambezi Queen

Gliding along the picturesque banks of the Chobe River, the chic Zambezi Queen is a luxury houseboat boasting unrivalled sophistication in one of the most extraordinary and remote locations in the world.

As you weave your way through the still 25km waters of the Chobe River, you’ll experience the majesty and stillness of the African bush – imagine waking up to the sun blazing across the sky as you hear the songs of colourful birds; elephants gracefully lumbering along the riverside as you dine on sumptuous cuisine; hippos peaking their heads up from below the waterline as you observe them from the deck; and the night-time cry of jackals and lions lulling you to sleep.

Your deluxe accommodation on board features air conditioning and your own private balcony – perfect for viewing game from the comfort of your own surroundings as you cruise through an area renowned for its diverse wildlife and stunning natural landscapes.


Life on Board Zambezi Queen

As you cruise through the enchanting waters, you’ll find a relaxing and peaceful ambience on board, whether you’re losing yourself in the scenes unfolding before you from the viewing deck, cooling off in the plunge pool or raising a glass to your adventure in the well-appointed bar.


Dining on board is an indulgent treat all its own. With freshly made meals created using seasonal ingredients from local markets, you’ll enjoy a variety of mouth-watering dishes including a fresh cold buffet selection, full English breakfasts, and a choice of two plated menu options for dinner.

  • The Dining Room
  • The Bar


As part of your experience on board the ever-elegant Zambezi Queen, you’ll enjoy a wealth of unique water-based safaris and activities that will better showcase the wonders of this remarkable land.

  • Game viewing
  • Fishing
  • Birdwatching
  • Photo Safaris
  • Cultural tours

Zambezi Queen FAQ's

Where is the Zambezi Queen located?

The Zambezi Queen travels from Botswana to Namibia across the Chobe River.

How many rooms does Zambezi Queen have?

Zambezi Queen has 14 rooms, four luxury suites and ten suites.

What is the dress code on board Zambezi Queen?

Their dress code is casual, so formal wear isn’t necessary for evening dinner. It’s recommended that guests wear light and comfortable clothing in summer, sun a sun hat at hand. During the winter seasons, you’ll need a jumper or sweatshirt for early mornings and evenings.

Is the water on board safe to drink?

Water on board is safe to shower in and brush your teeth, however they recommend drinking the purified water provided.

Do you have disabled facilities on board?

Due to the nature and construction of the houseboats, their properties are unfortunately unsuitable for guests with mobility impairments or who are wheelchair bound.

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