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MSC Cruises blends unique elegance with a proud Italian heritage, bringing you a luxurious experience in harmony with environmental welfare.

Are you seeking a cruise line that truly distinguishes itself from other oceangoing fleets? With MSC Cruises, you will find not only a wealth of comfort, luxury and innovation aboard, but also discover a world where the wellbeing of the planet’s seas is always a priority.

Founded in 1989 in Italy, MSC Cruises is today the world’s largest privately owned cruise line. Relax and reap the benefits of decades of experience, with an array of onboard features designed to delight – from gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities to live music and shows with an international feeling.

To top it all off, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing MSC Cruises cares deeply about the ocean environment. Opt for a sustainable excursion, marvel at a fleet powered by clean modern fuels, or take a trip to the beautiful Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

MSC Cruises Cruise Ships

MSC Opera
A refined atmosphere awaits aboard this beautifully detailed ship, whose smaller size and agility allow her into destinations inaccessible to her larger sisters.
MSC Meraviglia
Simply bursting with innovations for you to discover, enjoy the spectacular internal promenade, take to the onboard amusement park, or even revel in the thrill of the outdo...
MSC Magnifica
Undeniably magnificent, MSC Magnifica combines masterful refinement with an unmatched luxury and variety to bring you an experience you will never forget.
MSC Armonia
One of the pioneering Mediterranean ships of MSC Cruises’ trademark style, a true classic recently updated with a dazzling array of new features for you to discover.
MSC Grandiosa
True to her name, a remarkably spacious ship full of innovations, along with the tempting possibility of dining and unlimited drinks in a very special restaurant.
MSC Virtuosa
The sister of MSC Grandiosa and one of the largest ships in the MSC Cruises fleet, MSC Virtuosa is packed with wonders like a dazzling indoor promenade and even a robotic b...
MSC Poesia
With something to offer to every traveller, whether a family, couple or individual, you will find an innovative and delightful escape waiting for you aboard this elegant ve...
MSC Seaview
Uniquely designed outdoor spaces and a host of open-air pools will keep you intimately connected to the sea, sky and stars throughout your cruise.
MSC Seashore
Fitted with an array of advanced environmental technologies, MSC Seashore brings you closer to the sea while respecting it at the highest possible level.
MSC Lirica
With windows stretching from floor to ceiling, and a grand internal space studded with cosy, elegant lounges, enjoy unhindered views of the expansive ocean.
MSC Fantasia
Delightfully Italian, with a genuine stone piazza offering fashionable shopping, delicious gelati and warm pastries – all finished off with a hot espresso.
MSC Seaside
Enjoy a wondrous outdoor promenade facing the sea, with all the pleasures of the marina – eating, drinking, shopping and, of course, sunbathing.
MSC Splendida
An eco-ship with a host of facilities including spas, gyms and squash courts, MSC Splendida has a surprise waiting for you around every corner.
MSC World Europa
Step aboard this vision of the future, with futuristic entertainment spaces and spectacular slides complemented by cutting-edge advances in environmental technology.
MSC Euribia
Named after an ancient goddess of the seas, this innovative eco-ship is full of the latest sustainable technologies designed to protect the timeless beauty of the ocean.
MSC Seascape
A vessel like no other, every curve of MSC Seascape has been designed to connect you to the beauty of the oceans, from panoramic lifts and expansive pools to daring glass s...
MSC World America
MSC Bellissima
Enjoy the latest innovations in entertainment with Zoe, your personalised in-cabin Bluetooth speaker, and marvel at the stunning light display of the promenade.
MSC Divina
A true statement of elegance and golden age glamour, inspired by no less than Sophia Loren, let this ship take you away to the exclusive Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.
MSC Musica
A pioneering eco-friendly ship complemented by graceful design and natural materials, all intended to bring you the classic MSC Cruises experience.
MSC Sinfonia
A symphony of classic cruise design and beautiful natural materials like wood, marble and brass, MSC Sinfonia will delight you with its elegant warmth.
MSC Preziosa
Discover the magic of glistening Swarovski crystal staircases, and the relaxing warmth of an infinity pool, aboard a classic ship every bit as precious as her name.
MSC Orchestra
Enjoy the diverse daily life of a relaxing, oceangoing cruise, with a plethora of entertainment options, dining choices and fine facilities in a wonderful internal space.

MSC Cruises FAQs

Is Wi-Fi available on my MSC cruise?

Yes, although higher-speed broadband connections are not available at sea, a link between satellites orbiting the earth and the ships of the fleet provides the internet connection. For this reason, do be prepared for speeds slightly slower than those you may be used to on land.

Connection is available 24 hours a day on all of the company’s ships, through a selection of competitively priced packages.

What entertainment is available on board my MSC cruise?

Entertainment is provided every evening in the form of shows, and every day through a host of engaging activities.

Evening performances can bring songs both classic and modern, dance, well-known musicals, as well as mime artists, magicians and jugglers. Each day’s evening performance will be announced in the on-board programme, which is delivered to your cabin.

Throughout the entire day, you can expect fitness and dance classes, quizzes, team games, sporting activities, talent competitions, karaoke, and much more.

Are MSC cruises suitable for families?

Very much so. All elements of an MSC cruise are designed to accommodate younger children as well as adults, from security measures and medical services to entertainment and dining.

The MSC Cruises Kids Club provides comprehensive entertainment programmes for children and parents in a warm, safe and attentive environment. In addition, there are games, activities and spaces tailored to the needs of each age group, from babies and toddlers up to teenagers.

Is smoking allowed on board an MSC cruise?

Yes, smoking is allowed in all designated smoking areas. These areas are clearly signposted and equipped with ashtrays. Smoking outside these areas is not permitted, and may result in a fine, or for repeat offences, disembarkation.

Can I shop aboard an MSC cruise?

Yes. All ships come equipped with shops offering an array of goods and services including hair and beauty salons and photography. Many goods can be sold duty free aboard an MSC Cruise (and indeed across most cruise lines), leading to potential discounts of up to 30% when compared to prices you may be used to on land.

A personal cruise card can be used to conveniently handle all purchases on board, eliminating the need to carry cash and credit cards.

What is the MSC Voyagers Club?

The MSC Voyagers Club is a loyalty programme designed to reward those who frequently cruise with MSC Cruises. All cruises and on-board purchases equate to a certain number of points, eventually unlocking a series of privileges for each Voyagers Club member.

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