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Shimmering azure waters, coconut palm fringed beaches, reggae rhythms and smiling faces; to think of the Caribbean is to think of barefoot paradise.

The Caribbean, sprawling over 7,000 islands, is a region rich in diversity, from the vibrant urban bars of Jamaica to the slow-paced streets of Aruba, the rich Hispanic culture of Puerto Rico and the lush rainforests and waterfalls of Dominica.

As you’d expect there are glorious beaches aplenty, an eclectic cuisine with famed dishes like spicy jerk chicken and saltfish fritters, and a rich maritime history filled with harrowing stories of the slave trade and the treachery of the famous pirates who once sailed these waters.

Pour a little rum punch into your glass, celebrate a centuries-old culture, and explore the numerous UNESCO heritage havens. From swimming with tropical fish in St Thomas to boarding the scenic railway in St Kitts and curving past plantation houses, disused mills, and a stunning landscape; you’ll experience a Christmas to remember.

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